From fat to fit in 3 weeks – The Lock-down breakthrough

My story of transforming from fat to fit in just 3 weeks. Locked down inside my house, nothing much to do. News, TV, Netflix, video games and that’s it.

This is what I used to do in the beginning when the pandemic locked the world down. I had my boring 9 to 5 job that was paying me decently (well, I still have the job), but being a salesperson with my current employer, “work from home” is not possible. And here I am, writing this article after about a month, giving you a story of me getting transformed from fat to fit in just a matter of 3 weeks

How the job ruined my health:

Earlier I used to get up at 7:30 AM, brush my teeth, go for a poo, bath, have my breakfast, and rush to my workplace. Now, health was a big concern. I steadily developed a pretty tummy that looks similar to that of a woman, who is pregnant for 5-6 months.

This transition from a football player’s athlete body to a so-called “pregnant dude” (that’s what my college friends call me now), took a few years.

My cholesterol levels were high, my stamina ruined down, baldness hovering over me, not staying longer in bed with my spouse (“the major one”), this was me a month ago.

What I realized:

Health is wealth. I always knew this phrase but never took it seriously, and that realization, stuck into my head like a thunderbolt, when I had nothing productive to do in my life a month ago, made me become more serious about the single life GOD has gifted me with.

I remembered those days when I used to be a state-level football champ, and a fitness freak. I laughed at fat people, seeing how miserable their life has become. Now when I look into the mirror, I have the same thoughts, but could not laugh on myself. Self-pity, guilt, and regret was all over me. Guilt about not taking care of the ultimate wealth I was born with, regret about taking extra care of the materialistic wealth my profession gave me.

Now I decided to transform from fat to fit ASAP.

Challenges I faced:

It was really very hard for the starting 2-3 days to get up at 6 AM, leaving that cool and soothing air of the AC, and that warm soft bed. It was close to impossible for me to get up with that alarm tone. The snooze button worked as a gateway to hell. One day I finally got up, looked at the clock, and it was 6:15 AM, and I was like, “today is the day when I am going to transform myself for a new and improved lifestyle”.

Saying this phrase to myself, I gifted my head to the heavenly pillow and decided to get up in the next 2 minutes. Guess what, something amazing happened, I got up. I got up with full enthusiasm, looked at the clock, and the time is 11:30 AM.

All you dear readers, I can see it in your eyes, all of you can relate to this.

No more misery:

After going through this disturbing routine for a whole week, I told my dad to wake me up at 6 AM, by throwing a freaking big glass of water (water only, not the glass) on my face. He actually enjoyed being that rude to me. But it helped me, it helped me to get up and follow a fitness plan of having an hour of intense workout session at the rooftop.

The road to transformation:

21 days past, and now I am writing this article. My weighing machine shows a staggering 3.5 KG drop in my weight. I can see my love handles and chubby cheeks losing their fat. I have made changes in my diet, stopped all the junk and high-fat food, and started taking more protein, just like the old days.

Finally, I am feeling more energetic and fantastic. My sleep cycle and sleep quality have improved. Unlike the past, I am less angry and less irritated on small things and learned to have control over my emotions. A physically fit body is a mentally fit body as well. I am now feeling happy under my skin after getting transformed from fat to fit in just 3 weeks.

Many thanks to the government. This could be the best use of this time that anyone can make.+

From fat to fit


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