Hair fall problem – Home remedies in 2020

Everyone is worried nowadays about the hair fall problem. 50-60 or more than 100 hair loss is normal, but more than that hair loss or loss is a worrying Matter. Be it a boy or a girl, everyone loves their hair very much.

The biggest problem of hair affects the youth, its products are made from chemical and junk food. Due to this, neither the body knows how to get nutrition nor hair. Friends, if you too are facing trouble with all these hair problems then the problem has come to an end. You can remove all these problems from the material available at home.
Today I am telling you some home remedies to stop hair loss:
1. Cook curry leaves in coconut oil, till its water dries up. After filtering the oil, cool it and fill it in the bottle. Apply for one hour before washing hair or wash hair with mild shampoo in the morning with overnights. Curry leaf strengthens hair and reduces breakage.
2. Dry roast a spoonful of fenugreek seeds on a griddle. After cooling, put coconut oil in it, daily massaging the hair roots of this oil reduces the breakdown of hair and makes hair healthy.
3. Castor oil is very beneficial for hair fall problem. But we cannot apply it directly because castor oil is very thick, so it should be mixed with coconut oil. Heat 4 tbsp coconut oil and mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil in it and lightly massage the roots of the hair lightly when it is lukewarm. Allow overnight or 1-2 hours of hair wash.
* Always massage the hair with oil, do not scrub the hair, otherwise, the hair will break.
* Try to take only lukewarm oil.
   The lukewarm oil spreads easily to the roots of the hair.
* After applying oil to the roots of the hair, press it lightly with your fingers, it helps in blood circulation.
* After applying oil, squeeze a small towel in lukewarm water, Tie it on the head and let it remain like this for 15 minutes, this simple steaming process: This will give the hair steaming and the oil will reach the roots.
* Always use a mild shampoo, do not rub the shampoo on your hair, just apply it with light hands and wash it.
* Do not apply conditioner to hair roots, only apply to hair.
Taking care of these things, take care of your hair,
With which you can save your hair from breaking or falling and you can cure Hair fall problem to get healthy hair.
Hair fall problem


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