Magic Formula – How to stay happy all the time (Change your life in 2020)

How to stay happy? It’s not an art or a science, to be happy is the basic nature of human beings. If we want to be happy permanently, every second of the day, and every minute, what should we do? If you want answers, then keep reading this article.

First, we know what are the things that make a person sad. Loss of a job quarrels with spouses, lack of money, cracks in friendship, unhealthy relationships, failure, bad health, and anything else that is not an honor for our expectations. So here is a keyword, “expectations”.

Now you must be thinking that “yes we all know this, tell us something new”. So let me also tell you that a person tries to find those answers to which he already has answers. We just want to hear from someone else’s mouth, so that there is satisfaction in the mind that someone other than us thinks similarly. See, again the point of expectations has arrived, you had expected someone to tell someone the way that teaches you how to stay happy that you are already are thinking but not sure about that. This is why you are reading this post as well.

Now without dragging this post for too long, lets come to our main point of discussion. We were talking about expectations, keeping expectations is not a bad thing. Here I am not going to tell you not to keep expectations. If you are a human, then you will have expectations. Keep the expectations, positive thoughts will come to you about something good happening. But at the same time, be ready for this thing, if your expectations have failed, then what to do next? The answer to this is Plan “B”, which should always be ready with you.

If you follow such a simple thing, then you will see that soon you will feel much less stressed in your life, will start worrying much less about work, and you will be filled with more confidence, be it any part of your life.

How to stay happy

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