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2 atoms of oxygen make a molecule of O2, but why you need to check its levels you wanna-be-scientist?

Your heart beats for someone, and you’re counting your pulse rate like an idiot. Check out some humorous pulse oximeters reviews.

Fought with my dog, and researched to give you pulse oximeters reviews, THE HIGHEST RATED, BUDGET FRIENDLY oximeters, bought by THOUSANDS, based on user experience.

NO TECHNICALITIES, NO useless features. Fun reading time:-

pulse oximeters reviews

Checks oxygen levels (Disappoint the hospitals)

Pros: You cannot see your oxygen, it’s just air, but you can see your oxygen levels reading at home, it’s just numbers. Normal numbers are between 90 and 100.

Cons: Hospitals will suffer some losses if you don’t go there for the same adventure of checking oxygen levels. Numbers above 100 or below 90? Now you must go to the hospital.

pulse oximeters reviews

Accurate readings (machines are educated)

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Pros: Measures exact oxygen levels, even if you’re running, sitting next to your crush, or having sex.

Cons: Flirting or having sex with an oximeter might in hand, may kill your chances of doing that again with the same person.

Checks heartbeat rate (not the price)

Pros: Sit next to all your crushes one by one, check who makes you beat your heart the fastest, Booyah! You just found the love of your life.

Cons: If you still use these oximeters when you’re with your partner and a hot guy/girl passes from nearby, then you are at risk of losing your existing one.

Reads in a few seconds (superpower)

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Pros: Quick readings during panic attacks, save your life, and get the opportunity to flirt more, have more sex, eat more, and drink more.

Cons: Longer life equals more problems. The sad truth.

pulse oximeters reviews

Recommended by Doctors (they don’t sell)

Pros: Be your own alarming doctor, get overconfident, and start a personal clinic by using these oximeters and give pulse oximeters reviews to your clients (oops, patients)

Cons: No degree, no expertise, no patients to see, shut down your clinic, make a loss, and check your oxygen levels again.

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Strong, light, water-resistant (not the Iron Man)

Pros: Dropped on the floor, don’t care. Dropped into water, will float there. Damn it, what an athlete.

Cons: Cannot be used as a weapon to kill insects. Diving into the deep sea with it and without an oxygen cylinder will give a zero reading. Obviously.

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pulse oximeters reviews

Fits-in all fingers (only index finger)

Pros: Kids, adults, super adults, extreme adults (WHAT?), everyone can insert their index finger in it and check oxygen level and heart rate.

Cons: Gives no enjoyment inserting a finger in it, in case if you’re planning for it, buy something else.

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Pocket friendly (run, climb and dive)

Pros: Sportspeople can keep it in their pocket and become a superman, fight Mike Tyson, and check their oxygen level and heart rate after getting a beating.

Cons: Every time you test it while playing sports, it may scare you showing abnormal oxygen levels.

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pulse oximeters reviews

Value for money (value for life)

Pros: If asked what’s more important, money or life, and your answer is money, then this product is for you. I’m going to sell these and give you pulse oximeters reviews anyway.

Cons: Your valuable money can be wasted if you think that your life is less valuable.

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Conclusion: Now you know exactly what you want from these blood pressure monitors and fitness trackers, so pick it, buy it, face it, and don’t thank me.

[Note: *The post written above is written in a fun and unconventional way of educating, and is not by any means, intended to harm emotions/sentiments or insult anybody, and should be taken in a light-hearted manner*]

pulse oximeters reviews

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