Eye-opening – Right and wrong ways of drinking water | How to, When to (and When not to) drink water in 2020

What are the right and wrong ways of drinking water? Our body often spends 2600 grams of water per day. 1500 grams from the kidneys, 650 from the skin, 320 from the lungs and 130 grams of water from the stool pass,

which is met by water burns in the food, yet less to maintain balance It is necessary to drink at least two and a half kilos of water per day. Water should not be drunk together, slowly, choking so that it reaches the stomach according to the body temperature.:

When not to drink water:

After eating hot food, cucumber, melon, cucumber, whether it is day or night immediately after sleeping. , After having fallen out with wife, after taking milk, tea, sneeze, one should not drink water immediately after coming out of the sun.

When to drink water

Drinking water before meals reduces digestive power, body is thin. Food is digested quickly by drinking 5,6 gm of water in the middle of the meal. Drinking water immediately after meals causes the body to swell, become fat. Digestion and strength is reduced. Drinking water after one hour of meals provides strength to the stomach. Those who have severe diarrhea should not drink water while eating.

When to drink more water:

High blood pressure, high blood pressure, fever, sunburn, gonorrhea, urination diseases, blood pressure, heartburn, constipation, stomach irritation etc.

So these were the right and wrong ways of drinking water.

Right and wrong ways of drinking water

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